Professional Thailand Web Design Solutions for Modern Businesses | Make2Web

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Professional Thailand Web Design Solutions for Modern Businesses | Make2Web

Get a high-quality WordPress web design for your business or organization and create a positive online image.  Free consultation!

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Professional Thailand Web Design Solutions for Modern Businesses | Make2Web

Our Customers

Professional Thailand Web Design Solutions for Modern Businesses | Make2Web

Do you have the following problems? 😊

  • I want to have a company website, I want to have a business website, but I don’t know where to start.
  • I have branded products or services and want to market them online through a website.
  • I want to build my company’s credibility through our website.
  • I want to create a website for my real estate business or corporate identity.
  • I want to establish an online identity for my business.
Professional Thailand Web Design Solutions for Modern Businesses | Make2Web

Let us help you create something unique.

Get a standout website with Make2Web’s web design services. Our experienced team builds unique sites for businesses and SMEs that reflect their brand. Trust us to deliver high-quality results.

Did you know that over 75% of your potential customers judge your business’s credibility based on your website?*

*Data from Web credibility research, Stanford University.

Hi, 👋 I’m Da, Founder & Web Designer @ Make2Web, if you have a project in mind, I’d love to give you a free consultation! Add LINE @make2web Please contact me.

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Web Design & Development Solutions

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📄 Pricing based on page count and complexity, starting at 5 standard pages.

✍🏻 Back-end system is available for data editing.

📱 Responsive Design

📈 SEO-Onpage (Ready for Google Ranking)

🛠 Get unlimited revisions on your mockup and up to 3 revisions on the staging site editing process.*

🔓 Secure your website with SSL (https), and backup system

💕 Enjoy a complimentary 1-year (without content edits*)

🧑🏻🔧 Free lifetime consultation

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Free consultation 😊

Empowering your online presence with WordPress web design

Professional Thailand Web Design Solutions for Modern Businesses | Make2WebMake2Web Standards

Make a great first impression with a modern, fluid, and seamless website design that showcases your business or organization in the best possible light.

Easy Workflow


Brief Us

After discussing the website details with you. Upon agreement, a 50% deposit is required before we begin the job.


We Create

We mockup the website design first to ensure the customer’s vision is captured before developing the actual website.


We Collaborate

We develop practical websites based on approved mockups and provide customers with the ability to test and edit them.


We Happy

Once everything is finalized and tested, we will transfer the website to the live server and customer will pay the remaining 50% of the agreed amount.

Add-on Services for Web Development

Professional Thailand Web Design Solutions for Modern Businesses | Make2Web

+ Google Ads / SEO

Increase your website’s traffic and reach your target audience by optimizing your website for search engines and running Google Ads campaigns.

+ Copywriting

Our team of professional content writers can create high-quality articles for your website on various topics, ensuring originality and good SEO practices.

+ Multilanguage Site

Make your website universal by translating technical terms throughout the website pages, supporting both domestic and international customers, and expanding your customer base.

+ On-site Training

We offer comprehensive training services, including onsite training and training for users in groups, to help you manage and build on your website comfortably.


We make websites without using templates and evaluate each project individually, so the pricing may vary based on the complexity of the website. You can click to view our Rate Card for more details.

Our starting price for a website is 18,000 baht. We offer customized packages based on each customer’s unique requirements.

We provide a back-end system (WordPress) that allows customers to easily edit and update their website themselves after the project is completed. The customer will have 100% ownership of the website.

Yes, there is an annual fee for website maintenance and hosting package. However, if the customer uses their own hosting, this fee will not be charged.

Short answer: No

You need to make a website mockup first because sending a website to the customer without first approving it can make it difficult for the customer to see the website as a whole.

If the customer orders a correction, it can take longer to edit in the mockup. It’s like a customer must approve a house plan first and then have the engineer start building. In this case, if the plan is not approved and changes are made, it can be compared to dismantling bricks.

The payment is divided into two parts: 50% before starting the project, and 50% after closing the project.

Make2Web provides a 1-year warranty for troubleshooting and software updates. If any issues arise, we will take care of it. However, please note that this does not cover content updates, which may require additional fees depending on the scope of the job.

Customers can contact us for more information on our maintenance services.

The main content that you need to prepare includes:

  • Reference or sample web that customers like or see can be used as a design guide.
  • Website audience or other marketing information
  • Window details, general content information
  • Contact information, etc.
  • Picture (if there is none, we can get them from stock providers)

(All of these depends on how the projects will look like)

We offer content writing services for website making, but customers must provide a frame or outline first. Stock images or other media can be used to supplement the content.

We can get stock photos and medias from stock providers

At the moment, we do not offer on-site meetings except for appointments in the Rayong-Pattaya zone.